Our Team

NLP training by Sanjeev Deshpande


Sanjeev has been instrumental in making changes & empowering lives of many. Armed with an experience of about three decades in sales and marketing, he has an innovative bent of delivering strategic management, training and building human capital.

He knows how to empower companies by encouraging individuals to perform better. He has worked closely with sales HR functions in various companies and set up different standards of performance and effectiveness for people.

Trained in IIM-Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Calcutta, he holds 20 years of experience in training.

An accredited Trainer of Neuro linguistic Programming, he is known to be an “Inspiring Trainer” in his field.


NLP training by Anjali Chaudhari


Anjali an Accredited Power Coach from IIC & M, trained by Coaching & Leadership International Inc, Canada; brings on the table various effective techniques & tools in Coaching and Mentoring of various organizations & also individuals.

Anjali has 15 years of extensive experience in the field of Human Resources with organizations like ISE, BSE, Dawnay Day AV and Orion. Her wholistic approach to coaching attracts the clients who desire coaching and mentoring in the areas of Getting the harmony in the organization for better performance, Leadership Development, Team Success, Creativity and Presentation/Speaking skills as well as assisting clients in enjoying a fulfilling personal & Professional life.

Anjali uses Mind Kinetics® science, which help the clients to achieve the physiological shift in the brain and thinking cells get nourished due to which the habits change. PCMK™ gets to the root cause of our inability to achieve goals. Thus, the client understands the actions and can choose positive actions.


NLP training by Sushil Mehrotra


Arpana Doris Greenwood is a Trainer and Coach with 25 years of experience in personal and professional coaching. She believes every organization, business and individual can produce outstanding results when expressing their true purpose and vision.

There is nothing more important to her than being a catalyst for elevating the levels of respect and effectiveness in individual, team and organizational interactions. She is committed to helping organizations and businesses develop authentic growth and success for a more conscious world.


NLP training by Dr. MADHUMAD PETHE


Madhumad Pethe is a passionate and committed professional trainer. He has done his trainings with international trainers and coaches.

Madhumad has done his Master Practitioner’s training and Trainers training in NLP (NEURO LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING) with Dr. David Lincoln and Ralph Watson, both accomplished Master Trainers of NLP .He has done his Coaching with Ralph Watson, from IFCNLP and has done his Practitioner of Emotional Intelligence with Dr. A Doris Greenwood. He has done his Life Coaching with ANLP India, and also has done his ‘Train the Trainer’ with Dale Carnegie Trainings.

People already have all the resources they need to achieve their desired goals and outcomes. Being a Trainer of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Practitioner of Emotional Intelligence along with his Coaching tools, Madhumad strongly acknowledges and hence initiates the fact that Positive Changes always comes from adding resources. This belief has empowered him to become a very effective and appreciated trainer.

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